Brand Name Composition

The Ayurvedic range is providing a quite good scope for the pharma business. But choosing the right ayurvedic company is a bit tricky one. Therefore  Vee Remedies is the top-notch ayurvedic medicine company that commits to fulfill the unmet needs of the people. Our organization is providing the best business opportunity to pharma professionals and newcomers.

Vee Remedies is an ISO certified pharma firm who ensures that the production takes place under WHO and GMP certified units. The organization has kept genuine and economic investment rates for the ayurvedic product franchise venture. In the ayurvedic pharma segment, you can gain good profit as it is the only range of pharma that does not get affected at the time of deflation. By availing of our monopoly rights, one can start his business in any of the preferred regions.

100% Natural Ayurvedic Range of Products

90% of the Indian people consume ayurvedic products to treat their wounds and diseases. Earlier the ayurvedic medicines are limited but now with advancement and technology, the ayurvedic has various forms of medicine and products. Our range of ayurvedic products is used for the treatment of various common to serious healthcare issues. The organization has an innovative and effective range of ayurvedic products for the pharma business. Have a look at our quality herbal products:

Herbal Liver Tonic – We provide quality herbal liver tonic that supports healthy liver and gallbladder function. It is widely used for detoxification, supporting and strengthening the liver. The toxic also provide relive in digestive symptoms like abdominal discomfort, constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids.

Memory Tonic (Sugar-Free) – The company has been serving the clients by providing excellent quality ayurvedic memory tonic. It is well formulated at our ultra-modern facility using fine quality resources and innovative techniques. This syrup helps to improve memory power and also reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

Herbal Cough Syrup (with Tulsi & Honey) – It is an ayurvedic syrup for a cough that is made with tulsi, honey, and other natural medical plants as recommended by Ayurveda. The syrup is free from impurities.

 Aloe Vera Gel with Tree Tea Oil – Aloe vera is the best plant that cures various diseases and also purifies our skin. Aloe Vera Tree tea Oil is best for those have acne, skin infections, and diseases. This oil provides the various benefits of anti-aging, acne reduction and skin lightening.

Neem and Aloe vera Soap – Aloe vera and neem in the soap moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It improves skin irritation, skin rashes, and sunburns. Neem works as an antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent.

Herbal Pain Oil – It is an ayurvedic massage oil that is formed after scientific research by ayurvedic experts. Herbal pain oil is made of natural herbs and is very effective in almost all kinds of joint pains, swellings, and sprains. The herbal oil eliminates the pain very fastly and speedily.

Digestive Enzyme Syrup (Sugar-Free) – Digestive enzyme syrup is a liquid supplement that is used to improve digestive metabolisms. It is effective at the time of the exocrine gland not releasing the sufficient amount of digestive enzymes in the intestines to digest the food. Our range of enzyme syrup provides good digestive functionality to the patients.

Herbal Malt Chocolate Flavour – An appropriate height and balanced weight are quite necessary for the personality and healthy life. Therefore Vee Remedies is fulfilling the needs of people by offering them Herbal Malt Chocolate Flavour. By consuming this ayurvedic powder you will always feel energetic and confident.

 Facewash (Papaya & Grapes) – Face is the most delicate and sensitive area of the skin and thus it demands proper care. The papaya extracts present in the facewash kills the dead cells and purify the skin. An ayurvedic face wash of papaya and grapes will help your skin to brighten, lighten and whiten.

Herbal Liver Tonic + DS – We deal in a wide range of herbal liver tonic. This syrup provides instant relief from liver disorder. It is an improved ayurvedic formula for liver protection. By consuming it you will get a super-strong liver. In addition to this, our company has prepared it as per the quality standards.

Why Go With Vee Remedies for Ayurvedic Products Range?

Vee Remedies works with the aim to be the leading name in the Ayurveda industry. We are the firm that believes in the mutual benefit of both associates and the company itself. Numerous of pharma companies are dealing in ayurvedic range but what makes Vee Remedies different is its ingenious research and development procedure. Our purpose is very simple i.e, to serve the customers with result-oriented ayurvedic products. The company works hard to bring the natural ayurvedic formulations.

Due to our good reputation in the market, the many pharma professionals have already availed our Ayurvedic Medicines franchise. Below listed are some of the benefits provided by Vee Remedies:

  • The herbal products of the company are manufactured under WHO and GMP certified production units.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of the product we make use of best and sophisticated packaging material.
  • The production process takes place under a tax-free zone which gives tax relaxation to all the associates.
  • We never go against international quality standards and this helps us to reach potential customers.
  • The organization works according to the time and also delivers all the products at the said time.
  • Our wide distribution channel makes us capable to provide ayurvedic franchises in all the major states of India.
  • The ayurvedic products of our company are regularly updated as per the existing market demand.

Ayurvedic Product Quality Assurance

Authentic ayurvedic and herbal range are provided at Vee Remedies. To ensure that you get the top class medicines, we have followed strict regulations under Schedule T of Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945.  We have GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units that help us provide DCGI approved range of ayurvedic oils, syrups/tonics, powders, sachets, soft gels, etc under different compositions to packaging requirements. Our company always ensures that quality control and quality assurance methods are diligently followed under expertise.

  • The raw materials that we use are certified under prescribed quality and free from contamination.
  • All the necessary quality measurements are followed to ensure optimum efficiency, prevent cross-contamination, and  A-grade quality for our consumers.