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Veterinary Products Franchise – Vee Remedies is amongst the leading pharma companies in India that provide the best quality veterinary products. Our Veterinary products cover multiple ranges like Veterinary Injections, Anti-parasite range, Multivitamin animal supplements, antibiotic range, Cattle Feed Supplement, animal liver tonic, calcium supplements, etc. Best DCGI approved ranges are offered here for veterinary products franchise in India on a monopoly basis. Our veterinary products Franchise model is based on monopoly rights, 100+ products, Free promotional tools, high-profit margin, and no huge sales target. So we are welcoming to all pharma distributors & MR For Pharmaceutical Franchise in Veterinary Range. If you have any query regarding veterinary products or franchise then call us at +91-9814020377 or email at

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Veterinary Products Franchise | Best Veterinary Product Range for Franchise

Veterinary products or animal medicines are highly in-demand with more customers pitching in to provide their cattle/pets with quality and effective healthcare solutions. Animal medicines Franchise is growing its platform PAN India with the growing demand for veterinary feed supplements and injections. Vee Remedies is a leading company that offers cattle feed supplements, liver tonics, bolus range, animal injections etc for veterinary products franchise. Our company is certified ISO offering DCGI range of multiple solutions that will help you rear healthy, fit and disease-free animal.

Cattle production and poultry farm number have increased with an increase in dairy products and supplies. Heavy demand for veterinary medicines and products that provide daily nutrition and boost to animal health. Vee Remedies brings you multiple drugs range at affordable rates. We would like to invite people for the veterinary medicine Franchise in all top cities and states of India. You’ll be offered monopoly rights to dedicated locations on economic investment plans. We serve the best to our customers at reasonable plans.

High-Quality Veterinary Products | List of Animal Medicine Range

Vee Remedies is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company that has covered almost all areas of India. Our strong determination and dedication have made us reach a new height of success. From the very beginning, we have been enhancing the lives of animals through our quality product range. We have in our portfolio, a wide range of veterinary products covering Cattle feed supplements, Steroids, Dry Powder, Calcium Feed Supplements, Mineral Mixture, veterinary Injections, Bolus, Liver tonic and many more. Let us discuss in brief about our veterinary range:

Ivermectin – Ivermectin is extensively used in animals for internal and external parasites. It is derived from the avermectins a family of broad-spectrum antiparasitic active ingredient used in veterinary. It used in dogs, cats, horses and livestock. It is also used against household pests and agricultural. It is an effective treatment to control the dangerous species of gastrointestinal lungworms, roundworms and lice.

Vitamin-A+D+E+H – Vitamins are very essential for the human body and as well as for animals. There are two types of vitamins i.e, water soluble and fat soluble. Vitamin A is significant for the normal functioning of the epithelial cells. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and growth of calcium. Vitamin E that helps in the treatment of muscular dystrophy is an antioxidant. Vitamin H is nitrogen that contains acid is required for the well-being and growth of animals.

Liver Tonic – Vee Remedies is providing a superior quality liver tonic for animals. It is highly effective to remove the toxin from the liver and increase the productivity of the liver. Thus this increases the digestion of animals. Below given are some of the benefits of using liver tonic:

  • Prevents liver damage from mycotoxins
  • Increase the liver secretions for better digestion
  • Quick recovery from diseases
  • Enhance the liver function
  • Improve fertility, growth and flock immunity

Appetite and Digestive Bolus – Vee Remedies is well known for its prominent animal medicines range. The Appetite and digestive bolus are used in animals to correct indigestion, other digestive disorders and bloat. In the intestinal tract, it reduces the pathogen. Also, the digestive bolus stimulates the rumen microflora activity. For good digestive health and better productivity, it is should be consumed for 7 days.

Oral Ionic Calcium Gel – It is an ideal feed for pregnant animals. This gel helps in the formation of strong bones in growing animals. For better milk production it provides good health. This treatment specifically applies to dairy cattle.

Ceftriaxone 3GM – It is highly stable against cephalosporinases and penicillinases. Also, it is very effective in intracellular infections. It’s one daily dosage will give long life. Ceftriaxone is usually used to relive the cattle from the infections like Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, Endometritis, Pre-surgical Prophylaxis Pyometra.

Meloxicam+Paracetamol – It is a non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drug. The drug gives no side effects and used to reduce the inflammatory muscular pain and fever. It cures the sprains, arthritis, lameness, pneumonia, prolapse of uterus, synovitis condition etc.  It is mainly consumed by cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horse.

Chelated Mineral Mixture – Chelated minerals are the combination of amino acids to form complexes. The Chelated minerals provide the proper growth and maintenance to the body. It results in faster growth for calves. This mineral protects from the diseases. Also improves the fertility in male and female breeders.

Metho Chelated – It provides corrects vitamins and minerals nutrition in poultry and cattle. Overcome stress and mineral deficiency. Moreover promotes healthy and faster growth. Metho Chelated is extensively used to improves egg production.

Vit-A+D3+E+H+C+B12 With Selenium – The vitamins with selenium is used to overcome the conditions like stress, post-de-warming, low immunity, infertility mastitis. Also improves the fertility ratio and milk holding capacity.

Why Vee Remedies is Best for Veterinary Products Franchise?

In the pharma franchise venture, the right choice of the pharma company is quite significant. Vee Remedies has come up with the best pharma franchise services for veterinary range. We are the global leader in animal health. Our company committed to making the industry even better by improving animal health.

As we all know that we are related to resources that are drawn by animals such as eggs, milk, meat etc. Therefore we run our business on the concept that When animals are healthy, humans are healthier too. Our company is formulating the innovative and sophisticated solutions to support the farmers, pet owners and veterinarians.

Below given are some of the points listed that make us best for the  veterinary product franchise :

  • WHO and GMP certified products are undertaken by us.
  • We are backed with the skilled and dedicated team of professionals.
  • The organization ensures to meet the quality expectation of the customers.
  • Our premises are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure.
  • We are linked with the wide distribution channels.

Additional Benefits for Veterinary Franchise Parties

For the franchise model Vee Remedies is considered as the leading company. Our company have left the benchmark in providing the unbeatable pharma franchise services. The organization have good links with the health care centres and many professional doctors. Our quality products have helped us to build a good reputation in the pharma market.

We have open the doors of opportunity for all the wholesalers, stockiest, retailers, market representatives etc. Because of our professionalism in work numerous career seekers are willing to invest in us for the veterinary product franchise. Below given are some additional benefits that you can avail by collaborating with us:

  • Best Marketing Support – We ensure that our franchise partners get the best marketing support from our end. This will help them to grow and expand their veterinary business well.
  • Free of Cost Promotional Tools – Attractive and impressive promotional tools are being offered by us. We cover visual aid, visiting cards, diaries, brochures, written pads, diaries, pens, MR bags etc.
  • Quality Assurance – Our organization never compromises with the quality of products. We make sure that only quality products are delivered from our side.
  • Unique Monopoly Rights – By associating with us you can start your veterinary products franchise business in your desired region.
  • Timely Delivery – We value the time of our customers and thus provide the products on time.
  • Effective Packaging – The packaging of the product matter a lot as it keeps the products safe and also attracts the customers. Therefore the best packaging material is used by us.

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